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why chasing experiences?

Your independent Southeast Asia travel expert.

Our core values lie in responsible travel.

Here, the landscape and culture are precious. As travelers stepping onto someone else's soil, we must be cautious what we leave and what we take. Our responsible tours and itineraries stay at locally-owned and often eco-conscious accommodation. We partner with local tour operators that are nonprofits or give back to the community they operate in. We dine in restaurants that function as training centers, teaching at-risk and disadvantages populations job skills, English, and provide fair wages and working conditions. We reduce our footprint by traveling via public means where possible. We rely on local guides to lead all excursions and sightseeing opportunities. 

We emphasize putting the communities we visit first through a variety of responsible travel practices. 

Our travel style is where comfort meets adventure. 

With an understanding of the comforts you need to make your trip enjoyable, coupled with just the right degree of adventure required to maintain the reality of a place, your trip is an ideal mix of comfort and adventure. A day on a local public bus or in a local village ends at a charming, well-appointed hotel. A stop for street food at lunch leads to gourmet fusion dining at a training restaurant for dinner. It's comfort where you need it most, coupled with the local experience you came for. 

Every aspect is curated. 

Every single aspect of your Southeast Asia travel experience has been handpicked. Having spent years scouting the region for hotels with the most character and best location, excursions and sights that will shift your perspective, and dining experiences that add to your memory of a place, each part of your trip has been carefully curated. 


Chasing Experiences is Sarah Cuiksa, a former Tucan Travel tour leader and Bangkok expat, now designing, leading and facilitating travel in Southeast Asia independently. With years of experience leading travelers through Asia and Africa, Sarah has learned what's integral to a memorable experience in a new destination, where to stay, how to transit, what's worth paying more for, and how to adapt to a place and appreciate the local experience.

Calling Southeast Asia a second home, and the locals her friends, Sarah discovered the best the region has to offer, and how to experience it responsibly and sustainably.

She's eager to introduce you to a place and people that will capture your heart.